BatKid Saves The City…And Restores Our Faith In Humanity

San Francisco has a new Superhero. His name is Miles, but he prefers to be called “BatKid.”

Batkid2Miles is a brave 5 year-old who has been battling Lymphoblastic Leukemia since he was 20 months old. This pint-size boy wonder has always had a dream to be Batman. So, following his last round of chemotherapy, the Make-a-Wish Foundation stepped up to make this little boy’s dream an amazing reality.

What makes this sweet story so extraordinary is that once Make-a-Wish got the word out that they making plans, thousands of Bay Area residents volunteered to help turn San Francisco into Gotham City. Make-a-Wish was able to co-ordinate a grand scale experience and truly make a child’s dream come true.

Miles got a personal phone call from Police Chief, Greg Suhr, asking for help from BatKid to find and catch the Riddler. Once BatKid was out in his Batmobile, hundreds of volunteers gathered and let him know that the Penguin was also terrorizing the city. BatKid quickly learned that the Penguin had kidnapped the San Francisco Giants mascot!

So the little super-hero spent the day catching the Joker and Penguin, foiling crime, and rescuing mascots and damsels in distress. In fact, the Bay Area was so grateful for BatKid’s heroic actions that the Mayor presented him with a key to the city in a big media event at City Hall.

Bravo San Francisco! You have restored my faith in humanity. And thank you BatKid!!