Do-Gooders Surprise Shoppers With Free Groceries For Thanksgiving

The CEO of GungoHo energy shots came up with a the idea of picking up the tab for the grocery orders of random people and contacted the YouTube prank Group LAHWF to carry out the stunt. Andrew Hales went to Macy’s supermarket in Pleasant Grove, Utah to find a few people to surprise. Take a look at this Thanksgiving gift and how people reacted when they found out their groceries were FREE! It just may bring a tear to your eye. It will definitely put a smile on your face!

This isn’t the first time GungHo has participated in random acts of kindness. They recently partnered with Give Back Films to give a makeover to a homeless family and helped with job interview skills to aid them in looking for work. You may also recall seeing the LAHWF video “Surprising Servers With $200 Tips.”


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