Men In Speedos Take Top Prize In ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ Contest

So you think biology is all dusty books and test tubes in the lab? Think again. Take a look at the winner for this year’s Dance Your Ph.D. Contest. Cedric Tan, a biologist at the University of Oxford in Great Britain, finished his Ph.D. with a thesis titled “Sperm competition between brothers and female choice.” Sounds kind of dry and dusty, but throw in some men in Speedos, interpretative dance ranging from swing to modern jazz to water ballet and you’ve got an entertaining lesson on how chickens mate and which sperm makes the grade. I don’t know if that will ever come in handy for you, but it sure is fun to watch and you’ll never look at an egg, or a chicken for that matter, in quite the same way again.

Other prizes in the competition went to Ambalika Khadria, University of Wisconsin at Madison for Chemistry, demonstrating her method of determining whether proteins are linked together in pairs, Timothy Hunter of Wolf Star Technologies on metal fatigue in Physics, Tina Sundelin at Stockholm University for Social Sciences, and the prize for Cancer Cell Research, which received the most thumbs up online, went to Andres Florez at the German Cancer Research Center and and features salsa music and superheroes.

Who said learning isn’t fun?


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