Think You Know Pac-Man? Think Again!


Pac-Man the Movie?! OK, so it’s not a┬áreal movie but, dangit!, I’d watch it! Hollywood has been very hit or miss with video game movies (OK, mostly “miss”) and it’s given the whole genre a bad name.

Here’s just a few of the horrors inflicted on the public:

Super Mario Bros
Mortal Kombat (tolerable but then followed by)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (O. M. G.)
Street Fighter (I refuse to acknowledge this is Raul Julia’s last film)
House of the Dead
Tomb Raider (be honest, take away Jolie and you wouldn’t even care about this movie)

Etc. Etc. and dear God WHY?! Etc.

Hollywood takes our favorite video games and ruins them.

But someone made Pac-Man THIS cool?

Hollywood routinely bungles video game films and yet…some people got together and took the least likely video game next to Pong and made a jaw droppingly awesome short film out of it. Don’t believe me? Here’s Pac-Man in all his glory:

By way of comparison, here’s what Hollywood would probably have come up with (it’s awful, you’ve been warned):

I demand that Hollywood stop murdering my favorite video games! What are your thoughts on it?