Paul Rudd Shows This Movie Clip Every Time He’s On Conan


It’s a formula that’s worked as long as there have been video trailers. When a movie actor goes on to a talk show, a clip is shown of the movie he or she is promoting. At least that’s what happens as long as the actor isn’t Paul Rudd and the talk show isn’t the Conan O’Brien Show.

For years now, Rudd has been pranking Conan, or so we’re lead to believe, by playing the same clip from the same movie every time he’s been on the show, with one exception. The clip is from the 80s ET ripoff, Mac and Me¬†and Rudd wasn’t even in it. Fun fact, though. Occasional costar, Jennifer Anniston was an “uncredited extra” in the movie.

Watch as this somewhat tragic scene gets funnier and funnier every time you see it.