Two Comedians Talk About Their Terrorizing Experience At Fox News

Photo:  YouTube

Photo: YouTube

Comedians Noah Garfinkel and Joe Mande recently appeared on The Pete Holmes Show to talk about their terrorizing experience of attending a taping of Huckabee at Fox News.

Granted, they were both extremely high from “eating way too many pot cookies” and decided to wear business suits to “look like Republicans”, but the experience was so unsettling that it caused them to question aspects of their own existence.

The two comedians rushed home to watch the Tivo’d taping of Huckabee and that’s where things got spooky for them.

“Even though we were sitting in the front row,” explained Joe Mande “they managed to edit us out of every single [shot].  Zoom up on a Chinese tourist, then come back.”

“So the episode ends,” added Noah Garfinkel “and then you [Joe Mande] turn to me and you said a thing that made me change my life forever.”

“I said,” continued Joe Mande “you know what that means?  We were either so high and scary looking that Fox News didn’t feel comfortable putting us on television, or we were so high that we never even went to a Huckabee taping.”

Watch Noah Garfinkel and Joe Mande explain everything they went though on The Pete Holmes Show.

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