10 Famous Movie Quotes That We’ve Got All Wrong

10 Famous Movie Quotes That We've Got All Wrong

There are some infamous movie lines that have been quoted so often that they’ve become part of our pop culture vernacular. But what if I told you that we’re actually doing many of them all wrong??

Well, thankfully, YouTube‘s AllTime10s channel has created a new video to show us where we’re screwing it all up. They have put together a list of 10 famous movies that we consistently quote incorrectly. Some of these will really surprise you. Here’s just a few examples of completely WRONG quotes…..

From Casablanca (1942)….

“Play it again Sam.”

From Star Trek (1986)….

“Beam me up Scotty.”

From The Empire Strikes Back (1980)….

“Luke, I am your father.”

Check out this video to see the ACTUAL quotes….