100 Years of Fashion and Dance Styles…All in 100 Seconds!

100 Years of Fashion and Dance Styles

This video simply makes me happy. It takes us through fashion trends and dance styles starting 100 years ago, and brings us right into today. And it is absolutely brilliant.

This clip starts with the Classical ‘Quick’ Waltz from the 1910’s.
Then they go into the Blackbottom Dance of the 1920’s & 30’s.
The 1940’s and 50’s are represented with Swing Dancing.
And then we see The Twist from the Early 1960’s.
Flower-power Interpretive dancing symbolized the early 1970’s.
And then we get some Mid-1970’s Punk Rock Jamming.

The Late 70’s bring us the Disco!!
Next we see some Love Shack of the Early 1980’s.
There’s certainly no mistaking the Vogue of the Late 1980’s.
Then we see some great Freestyle from the Early 1990’s.
Hip Hop shows up in the Late 1990’s.
And then finally, we see some amazing Mainstream pop representing the Early 2000’s and 2010’s.

All of that, and they are dancing while wearing the fashion of the times!

Come take a walk down memory lane….and don’t worry, you have time….it will only take 100 seconds!