One Woman’s Final Months Battling Brain Cancer – Told Through Her Tweets

Amanda: Trapped At My Desk

Shannon McKarney, a digital consultant from Canada, discovered the Twitter account TrappedAtMyDesk and was so moved, she decided to collect the tweets for a video.

The account belonged to a woman named Amanda. Amanda had brain cancer and chronicled her experience and her life through tweets. She passed away last April.

McKarney expressed being nervous about sharing the video and she didn’t know how people would react to it. She told BuzzFeed “I admired the way she had taken on this challenge she faced, she was diagnosed with this terminal illness and she said ‘OK, I’m going to run with it.”

McKarney said Amanda’s story stuck with her for months. She said was fascinated by how Amanda left behind a Twitter account that was much more than just a Twitter account, but a reflection of her.

Shannon is looking for more information about Amanda and has asked people who knew Amanda to reach her HERE