Would You Offer Your Coat To A Freezing Cold Boy?

Would You Offer Your Coat To A Freezing Cold Boy?

The Norwegian branch of the SOS Children’s Villages International filmed this social experiment to see how people would react to a boy freezing at a bus stop. SOS Children’s Villages sought to create awareness regarding the conflict in Syria and to draw a parallel to the children there who desperately need help.

The boy is filmed sitting outside at a bus stop in Oslo, Norway, shivering  in the dead of winter. The child did not have on a coat, gloves or hat.

The filming was two days long and the producers stated that almost everyone offered the boy either their coat, scarf or gloves. They did not expect to get such a positive and heart-warming response and said that only three people did not offer the child some article of clothing.

There were so many nice people. We filmed for two days, and I thought maybe three or four of them would give the child their jacket. But there were many more who did it”

All I can say is, I want to move to Norway. Now all we have to do is get the rest of the world to act similarly.

Watch the touching and inspiring video below: