Jimmy Fallon-Billy Joel Perform ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ Doo Wop Style-Fantastic!


If you ever wondered why Billy Joel is still so famous, the answer is because he is an unbelievably talented musician. Sure, most of you probably already knew that.

In this clip, Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel do an impromptu version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, a song made most popular by the band, The Tokens in 1961.

Using only his iPad and an app that loops voices, the two create a damn fine 4-part harmony and knock this song out of the park with no instruments.

Doo Wop has always been one of Joel’s major influences and his 1983 album, “An Innocent Man” prominently featured many doo wop inspired songs.

Watch how easily Joel slips back into one of his favorite genres of music as the pair slam dunks this performance.

View Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel performing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” below: