Mr. Forthright Shares Tips On How To Get Out Of Jury Duty


We’ve all been there. After a long, hard day at work, you come home, ready to relax as you look forward to an adult beverage and some escape from the cruel world. You open your mailbox and there it is – your summons (cue the dramatic music). You feel as if you have been punched in the gut and the wind is knocked out of you. The voice inside your head screams…


Immediately you try to think of how you can get out of it.

Well, now you can relax because Mr. Forthright has the answers.

From rolling your eyes and saying say “Whatever” to anything anyone says to walking in the courtroom with a bullhorn and screaming “GUILTY,” all your bases are covered in this video.

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****DISCLAIMER****Restoring Sanity doesn’t not in any way endorse getting out of jury duty with a lie. It is against the law to lie about it. So don’t do it.