These Flying Robots Rock The House


Technology now is progressing at such an alarming rate, it’s downright frightening. Only 100 years ago, an infinitesimal number of people had air conditioning in their homes, whereas today, flying robots are performing music more adeptly than most high school bands.

KMel Robotics, a company founded in 2011 by two University of Pennsylvania graduates, has developed a series of so-called hexrotors that can be programmed to play amazingly synchronized music on the drums, bells, and a makeshift sliding guitar. According to the company website:

We are experts in hardware design and high-performance control and we focus on developing research platforms that push the limits of experimental robotics. We develop everything from low-level hardware to complete systems, capable of autonomous operation.

Watch the video below to see just how autonomous these robots really are. Prepare to be astounded.

Joseph Guyer lives in Texas. An ad man by trade, he firmly agrees with Bill Clinton that there is nothing wrong with America that can’t be cured by what is right with America. You can follow him on Twitter @joerobguy.